Oppose the March for England

Oppose the March for England

From East Midlands Antifascists

If you only go to one anti-fascist mobilisation this year, stopping the March for England in Brighton should be it. The fascists have been salivating about this one for months, whipping themselves up into a far right frenzy about their right to impose their homophobic and racist abuse on the people of Brighton. They are out for revenge against the ‘reds’ who comprehensively humiliated their hate-fest last year and are pulling out all the stops to do it, even inviting the most openly Nazi groups, like the Friends of Golden Dawn.


Anti-fascists from the East Midlands will be going down and we’d like to encourage you to join them.

Here’s the official callout from Stop MFE:

Last year thousands of people lined the streets of Brighton to drown out March for England’s message of hate. Let’s do it again. Racists and fascists have no place in our diverse city.

March for what?

March for England (MfE) is not an innocent celebration of traditional culture. March for England is a right wing, Islamophobic, racist and homophobic organisation that helped found the English Defence League (EDL) and is supported by EDL members. The fascist credentials of their annual outing to Brighton on Sunday 21st April has never been clearer. Neo-Nazis, Friends of Golden Dawn, supporters of the swastika waving Greek fascist party, have stated they will be attending March for England.

Islamophobia and English fascists

MfE and the EDL are just two of a growing number of English fascist groups that are violently lslamophobic. They state they are against so-called “Islamic extremists’ but this is the mantra of a growing anti-Muslim movement with European fascism that quickly turns into a wholesale assault on Muslim people, all migrants and any way of life that they think is not “English” enough.

Brighton: anti-fascism begins at home

The current economic crisis and the demonisation of migrants has created the political climate for fascist ideas and organisations to grow. Groups such as the MfE, EDL and BNP groups scapegoat those most affected by war and economic hardship, they discriminate according to their ideas of race and nation, they spread fear and hate of those people they believe are different to them, they attempt to intimidate community groups. When the people of Brighton made their collective stand against Mfe and EDL, they helped turn the tide against new fascism in Britain. Since we took to the streets to show our opposition to the rise of a new fascism, the EDL have been halted in Bristol, Walthamstow and Norwich.

We’ll do it again. Fascism grows if we let it.

See you there.

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Forest of Dean-20130322-00634So we got word on Thursday evening that demolition had begun at the Northern United colliery to make way for a spine road to hotels we don’t need, a college that will be moved from another town in the Forest to its detriment, shops when we already have a town that desperately needs regenerating and housing – all on a site that has been heavily deep mined! Demolition had indeed started. Roof tiles had been taken from all three buildings first.

Harrowingly, early on Friday morning, members of this collective saw bats flying away from the buildings where they chose to have their maternal roosts – in daylight. Heavy plant and some disturbingly loud noises were surely not part of the deal when Natural England granted licenses for this farcical demolition? Disturbing these protected creatures certainly wasn’t.

All relevant authorities as well as the contractors were informed and by 10am…

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Beyond Resistance

Continuing the shorter working day theme, here’s the IWW pamphlet ‘Arguments for a Four-Hour Day’. Chapter 4 from ‘The Problem with Work’ by Kathi Weeks, which argues for a six-hour day, will follow in the future.

This pamphlet is a revised and updated version of an article which appeared in Libertarian Labor Review #1 (1986), based on a presentation on the fight for a shorter workweek sponsored by the Chicago General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World in January 1986.

The Fight for the Four-Hour Day

On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers struck thousands of shops across the United States in a national campaign for the Eight Hour Day. In Chicago, center of the movement and a stronghold of anarchist, revolutionary unionism,40,000 workers struck and 80,000 workers joined a May Day parade organized by the International Working People’s Association and the revolutionary Central Labor Union…

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Easy guide to Bedroom Tax, from Shelter.

bedroom tax



We’ve just heard that  Natural England have granted the needed licenses and demolition work has started at Northern United!

From what we’ve gathered, only a few tiles have been removed so far, but we all know what happens to buildings when the roof is removed.

Yes, some of them are derelict already. No, they don’t conform to what’s considered to be ‘pretty’, but this isn’t the point. Removing these buildings is key to the development of 200 acres of Forest – OUR LAND –  as it’s where the spine road is going.

The claims are that only one building contains bats, which apparently is utter rubbish. The maternal roost building cannot be taken down legally until September, but will be disturbed by the works – not to mention all the other wildlife there.

From 8am tomorrow, we intend to protest and make our opposition to this development heard! Come join…

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A New World In Our Hearts by Various Artists: 71 track benefit CD for Freedom bookshop, from Iron Column records.


Immediate download of 71-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

On Friday 1st February 2013, fascists carried out an arson attack on Freedom anarchist bookshop in London, UK. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the shop and stock suffered extensive damage. 

Since the attack, individuals and groups across the world have offered their support, in both word and deed, in an unequivocal display of international mutual aid and solidarity. 

This compilation is our small contribution to the rebuilding effort. All artists have given their time, energy and creations for free, and we’re hugely humbled by their selflessness. It means that every penny raised here will be used directly to benefit Freedom. 

We understand that not everyone can afford to make even a small donation. We’d rather you had music to help you through tough times, so we’ll shortly be offering a high-quality mp3 version of this compilation for free download. Stay tuned. 

Thanks for listening, donating, supporting and spreading the word. We really appreciate it. 

¡No Pasaran! 

The Iron Column Records Crew

released 21 March 2013

the void

ymca-photo-joelsp-199x300viaBoycott Workfare

YMCA England have come out fighting in the name of workfare with a new statement defending their use of forced unpaid workers on the Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) scheme. This follows their slur aimed at anti-workfare campaigners in which they claimed that just a handful of people are opposed to workfare.

Whilst most ethical charities have pulled out or tried to distance themselves from workfare, the YMCA, along with the Salvation Army have happily adopted roles as Iain Duncan Smith’s cheerleaders for unpaid work.

This is despite the YMCA’s own president, the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu, saying last year:

“By all means, pay companies incentives to employ young people, but do not take advantage of the vulnerable by using them as free labour.”

The YMCA are justifying their use of forced unpaid workers by claiming that some workfare participants have had a good experience with…

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