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holidayinnAn evaluation of the Government’s Mandatory Work Activity (MWA) scheme, commissioned and published by the DWP, reveals that welfare-to-work companies are struggling to find enough placements for all those forced into unpaid work.

In a further blow to the DWP’s plans for mass workfare, this report was released before several major charities, including Scope, British Heart Foundation, Age UK and Cancer Research announced they were pulling out of the scheme.

Mandatory Work Activity is just one of several workfare schemes, and involves four weeks full time unpaid work for organisations which can demonstrate a ‘community benefit’.  The scheme is used as punishment for those claimants not deemed to be trying hard enough to find work by Jobcentre advisors.  Under DWP rules it is not possible to volunteer for the scheme.

The report states that 33,170 people began on MWA between May 2011 and August 2012.  Of these around 75% of…

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From 8th to 12th August this year thousands of anarchists from all over the globe gathered in St. Imier, Switzerland to mark the 140th anniversary of the first anarchist International in 1872. The event included talks, discussions, a book fair and concerts. Staines Anarchists were well represented at the gathering with 12 members attending. The account below is from one of our members.

As an anarchist, I strongly believe that this movement should be inclusive and representative of people from all kinds of different backgrounds, and with different needs and life experiences. To some extent, when I came to anarchism, and I’m very much still in the process of coming to it, this was one of the big draws – a political movement that really recognised intersectionality, and made itself accessible for everyone. This wasn’t just on a theoretical level, but also on a physical level – as a wheelchair…

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Staines Howler Autumn Edition 2012


Yeah, we’re a bit late with this but then so were they.

Staines Howler – Autumn 2012 pdf

Sussex IWW gig at the Cowley club Brighton Friday 14th December.

IWW gig Cowley

Pdf Poster

National socialist synchronised team diving.

Anti workfare protestors blockade and occupy Superdrug and British Heart Foundation

from Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty:

Protestors blockaded and occupied both British Heart Foundation and Superdrug in Edinburgh today Saturday 8 December, in opposition to their participation in the government’s workfare schemes.

A huge banner declaring IF YOU EXPLOIT US WE WILL SHUT YOU DOWN blocked the entrance to the BHF furniture store in Leith’s Kirkgate centre as demonstrators occupied the shop. Impromptu speeches were given inside and out, explaining that although BHF had claimed to be “moving away” from workfare, they were still taking on new compulsory placements.

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Resistance bulletin issue 146 November 2012

Posted on Hastings Anarchists

cover of Resistance Bulletin 146 Nov 2012

NOVEMBER 2012 RESISTANCE is out. HIT THE DECK: IT’S CHECKY WATCH! (Newcastle Metro), EDL in Bristol, West Country newsletter, RMT police harassment, Dominos pizza. Teachers’ strike, Swindon housing,  Pirates ahoy in Dartmouth, Textile worker in Turkey, South African miners, Quebec students, Glasgow refugee centre, Prisoner support. and more.