Autonomy film show in Yeovil: Thursday 30th August 2012.

This film reveals what’s going on behind the UK cuts.

7.00pm for 7.30pm,
Unity Hall (Upstairs)
Central Road
Yeovil BA20 1JL

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Nothing changes… until you change it, One Big Union!

B.P.A.C.C. Upcoming events for Aug / Sept.

Please find below details of events planned for August and September. As always, your support is welcomed. Even if you are unable to attend, sharing these events with your family, friends and colleagues would be greatly appreciated:

Tues 28th August – 12noon to 1.30pm – The Atos Games
A demonstration is being held against Atos Healthcare Work Capability Assessments outside Jobcentre Plus, Tamarisk House, 1 Cotlands House, Bournemouth BH1 3BG
Click here for more details

Thurs 6th September – 3.30pm – Lobby against South West NHS Pay Cartel
A lobby of the Dorset Healthcare University Foundation Trust AGM being held at the Carrington Hotel, Knyverton Road, Bournemouth
Click here for more details

Friday 21st September – 7pm to 8pm – Fair Tax Campaign
On the night comedian Jimmy Carr visits Poole, come along and help leaflet the audience about the campaign for fair taxes.
Click here for more details

Thank you for your support and Keep On Keeping On

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding recent developments surrounding the IWW Cleaners’ Branch

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding recent developments surrounding the IWW Cleaners’ Branch –

Statement regarding our CNT comrade Chus Vila on hunger strike – from CNT Tenerife.

Comrade Chus Vila on Hunger Strike

We report that our CNT comrade, María Jesús Vila Calviño, also known as Chus, who lives in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands), has been on an indefinite hunger strike since Tuesday evening in order to protest, not only about her personal situation (no job, no unemployment benefits, no financial assistance, no roof because of the impossibility of paying rent), but also about the situation of so many people who live under similar (or even worse) conditions. … See more…

Public statement from International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA) Saint-Imier Congress 2012.

Public statement from IFA Congress Saint-Imier 2012, 9-12th August to other exploited and oppressed people of the World.

On their return, British delegates ran into a gratuitous fishing expedition by UK border police:

Anarchists Detained by Counter-Terrorist Police on Return from Swiss Conference [plus French, Spanish, German translations

Anyone travelling to or from  the UK should familiarise themselves with Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 .pdf

The tellytubbies are coming to Chelmsford!

Despite a bizzare coalition of locals telling them to fuck off: check this out!
Posties, teachers, tories, trots, UKIP, god-botherers, in fact, just about everyone in Chelmsford except the eddles themselves and the BNP, not to mention weird little fash groups like the casuals, CFX etc who all hate each other – can’t remember why but I think it was something to do with football, or grassing each other up, or having their fingers in the till or each others kids. Don’t you wish you had an ideology to argue about?

Assemble at 11.30am 18th August at Tindal Square CM1 1LX.

Contact your local Antifa, get the muslamic ray guns on charge, ease up on the soap and we’ll see you on the streets comrades, should be a good ‘un!

Rrrright, now! Ahahaha…