Fash seen off in street and ballot box – updated.

Fash & Chips – a report from SchNEWS

Casuals United, the football hooligan wing of the EDL, made complete tits of themselves in Brighton today (2nd). In response to their humiliation at March for England the fash thought it would be a good idea to come back in even smaller numbers to have a go at the “rabid hordes of commie UAF gays” that passes for the population of Brighton.

Far right websites, blogs and Facebook pages are already attempting to claim that antifa either a) didn’t turn up, b) ran away, and/or c) attacked patriots unprovoked. In reality the knuckle draggers managed to skulk about in a few pubs (including Belushis, The Saint James & The Amsterdam) while around 100 antifascists stewarded the UK Uncut demo and Palestine Solidarity stall near Churchill Sq. Once the stall had packed up around 3pm the antifascists mobbed up and headed towards Old Steine to confront the racists.

Police halted the majority of the march halfway down North St, meaning only around 30 made it to the bottom of St James Street, where small groups of fash were skulking around making homophobic remarks. A spirited fistfight broke out, though the police waded in before a decisive outcome was reached.

The cops then rounded up most of the EDL and marched them to the train station, with antifascists haranguing them all the way. Many of them then left town with a few others heading back into town to find a pub to defend from Sharia Law.

Antifascists then regrouped for a well earned pint, while others headed to Hollingbury police station to pick up arrested comrades. So far at least 5 antifascists and 5 fascists have been nicked today.

A more complete & concise roundup of the day’s events will be posted in the near future.

Up the punks!!

Bangers-and-Fash – update from SchNEWS


on Thursday, 31st May the fascist BNP candidate Colin Smith sank without trace in the Bournemouth council by – election for Redhill and Northbourne; he pulled in 42 votes, some 0.74% of the electorate.

Local activists had turned out on the Tuesday evening to leaflet the ward, which contains 3 BNP members, just in case their neighbours were tempted to vote for the fascists.

Turnout was 32.77%, which means the winning tory candidate was elected by 11.96% of those eligible to vote; representative democracy, what a load of crap.

If you can still bring yourselves to take an interest in this scam, here’s the full result:

Tory 675
Lab 539
Lib 424
Ind 398
UKIP 327
Green 54
Ind 51
BNP 42
Ind 15

Much more fun when we do it ourselves!

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